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Add Professional Medical Support to Your Next Event!

McCormick Ambulance offers special event medical stand-by service utilizing state of the art equipment and actively employed

911 Emergency Medical Technicians (E.M.T.) & Paramedics.


Our medical staff spends the majority of their time responding to and treating patients that activate 911.

They are intimately familiar with life and death emergency situations.

They are well trained and seasoned medical professionals and will arrive on time and in full duty uniform.


Each year, McCormick Ambulance serves countless special events both large and small. From the second largest gathering in California to Film & TV location productions to university graduations, Concert & electronic music events, sporting events, private gatherings and all types of events in between.


We have even provided medical stand by services to the President of the United States!


We operate in most of Los Angeles County on a daily basis.

In the event we must transport a patient from the stand-by, our medical staff can provide a rapid replacement ambulance -Fully staffed and ready to work at no additional cost. This ensures that your event never goes uncovered.


Our Paramedics are nationally registered & state licensed

Our EMT’s & Paramedics are accredited with the County of Los Angeles

McCormick Ambulance Paramedics are assigned a base hospital that allows them to actually work as Paramedics and perform Advanced Life Support (ALS). Chances are good that unless you are hiring your Paramedics from an ambulance company, those medics can only provide Basic Life Support (BLS)-No drugs or medications, cardiac monitoring or advanced airways and your EMT’s will not have immediate transportation capability.


Contact us for a price quote or help with staffing logistics for your event.

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