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Recent letters of recommendation,

appreciation & thank you letters we receive.

McCormick continually receives acknowledgements and compliments from patients, patient representatives and Jurisdictional Fire Department personnel on their field crews’ excellence in customer service skills and competency in delivering treatment. McCormick’s crews have a well-known reputation of being among the kindest in the industry and the company has several measures in place to ensure that quality customer care is delivered.


Measures include: an open line of communication between Jurisdictional Fire Department personnel and McCormick’s supervisors, managers and owners in order to evaluate field crews’ performance, evaluation of customer care surveys, frequency of customer care delivery evaluations and extensive investigations of patient care incidents.

McCormick Ambulance 110 was first on scene of a 61 year old homeless male found pulseless and apneic on the sidewalk at 10611 S. Prairie at approximately 22:45 on August 4, 2016.

EMT's Camacho and Ramsouer immediately initiated CPR prior to the arrival of Paramedic Engine 18 and Inglewood PD. Engine 18 personnel initiated Advanced Life Support procedures with the patient initially in an asystolic rhythm. An IV was established and 3 rounds of epinephrine administered. Both EMT's Camacho and Ramsouer continuously performed outstanding and aggressive compressions, Bag Valve Mask rescue breathing, placement of Oralpharyngeal Airway, multiple suctioning procedures of vomit in airway, pupil check, etc.


As a direct result of their teamwork, knowledge, and professional skill set, this patient became viable and converted to a shockable rhythm approximately 10 minutes into the code. The patient was shocked 3 times, 3 additional rounds of epinephrine, amiodarone, and sodium bicarbonate were administered as well as the placement of an advanced airway.


From start to finish of this code, including transferring the patient into the ambulance and safely driving to the hospital, both EMT's performed at a high level under very difficult circumstances and in a high public profile. They should be recognized for a job well done and they certainly were a crucial part of the team effort to save a life.

Battalion Chief Nick Berkuta

Los Angeles County Fire Department

Quality Management Section

Emergency Medical Services Bureau

EMT Matt Ramsouer

“On behalf of the Inglewood Police Department, I would like to thank McCormick Ambulance for continually training our officers at their on-site EMT school. We find it extremely beneficial to have our SWAT Team officers earn their EMT-B certification and receive training in basic life support skills. This is an invaluable service that the company provides to our agency. Our officers are often placed into very dangerous situations and sometimes injuries occur. During these situations, our officers have the ability to intervene and provide essential, life-saving medical assistance from the training that McCormick Ambulance has provided.”


-James D. Kirk, Lieutenant- SWAT Commander - Inglewood PD




I would like to express my sincere gratitude and praise for McCormick personnel Boyce and Roesch.  The crew of McCormick unit 1301 responded to a fire call at xxxx 224th this morning.  A family dog was pulled from the home and was not breathing.  R96 personnel initiated resuscitative procedures but were needed to relieve fire crews inside the home.  The crew of 1301 took over for R96, with the family of the dog watching their every move.  Both of your personnel were professional and sensitive to the needs of the family.  After approximately five minutes I asked for your crew to discontinue their work.  I briefed the family on the status of their dog and a sheet was brought over by 1301 personnel to cover the animal.  The fire inside the home was extensive and the homeowner lost a great deal.  As I briefed the homeowner on the incident, she was focused on one thing.  She continually thanked me for the extensive efforts TFD and McCormick personnel took to save one of her family members.  Please pass along my thanks and praise for the great work done by Boyce and Roesch! 


Carl Besanceney
Battalion Chief - Torrance Fire Department





I am registered nurse who works in a very busy emergency department and I would like to compliment you on EMTs Kris Downs and Alex Demuro for their consistently great job performance.

Not only they always deliver high quality and safe care, they also demonstrate compassion and professionalism to each and every patient and to hospital staff; they are always ready to help the nurses in the E.D.

Please accept this comment card to compliment two of your best EMTs for delivering such great patient care.

Thank you.

Priscilla Formica, R.N.




Entered text: Hello, I was wondering how to get station info reguarding one of your emts. He assisted with a call last night for my father  in Gardena and I would really just like to write him a thank you letter. It was a very hard time for my family and I and he was just wonderful so I would really just like to let him know it ment alot. The only information I have is his name was Tyson. Thank you for your help.




Thanks for helping out with the safety expo on Saturday the 12th. Your crew was very attentive and professional, as they have been on other events that we requested your assistance.  
I also wanted to express my overall appreciation. It’s not often that we get a chance or take the time to thank other agencies that support our mission.  Our agencies have built a professional relationship over the last ten years and it has been very good. Thanks for the support, your
receptiveness in handling any issues that arise, and handling them in an expedient manner.  
I also wanted to express the good job that your personnel do at the Forum and the professional interface with our first in personnel.  To this day, the interaction at the Forum has been positive. The crews seem to work very well when it comes to providing patient care, which you
and I know is first and foremost, our priority. Please express my appreciation to your teams.

Thanks again and I look forward to maintaining our professional relationship in the upcoming years.

Respectfully and with gratitude,

BC Henry Rodriguez
Los Angeles County Fire Department
Battalion 20



“On behalf of the men and women of the County of Los Angeles Fire Department, I would like to commend your personnel …, along with our Engine 173 and Squad 173 of the rescue of the 3 year-old male in the City of Inglewood on August 5, 2013. Due to their quick action, expertise and skills, and professionalism, the 3 year-old male was quickly transported to Centinela Hospital and handed over to patient care to the nurses and doctors on scene.”

-David L. Wylie, Acting Assistant Fire Chief . Los Angeles County Fire department


“At 1458 today  we were dispatched to a 2 year old cardiac arrest with McCormick Ambulance 1101. We then immediately transported the child to Harbor General Hospital for a PMC, and (your) EMT got us there quickly and safely all while calming down the mother. Due to the extremely quick and professional actions of (your) EMTs, we believe we may have prevented a cardiac arrest in his child. I wanted to write this letter to show our appreciation for (their) quick and professional actions.”

-Los Angeles County Fire
Department Station 21 personnel



“Your ambulance crew on 901A, staffed at 1500 hours on November 13, are to be commended for stopping as the first emergency medical providers on scene to assist at a traffic accident that occurred in the City of Los Angeles on La Brea, just south of Jefferson. Our resources in the immediate area were busy on other assignments, requiring responding companies to come from many different, and more remote, areas. I, a supervisor, was the first Fire Department person on-scene, alone for several minutes until our crews arrived. The only equipment I carry is a first aid kit. I was comforted to know that your crew was on scene, providing competent medicaltreatment. I am pleased to know that we can work together for the public good, and that your team had the initiative to stop to provide needed assessment and assistance.”

-John Kitchens,
Captain/Paramedic Battalion 18
EMS Captain, “B” Platoon


“I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to the ambulance crew who transported my mother to CSMC and identified early MI/STEMI. Because of their timed response and transportation, my mother was saved and had immediate cardiac interventions
that saved her life. Thank you! We appreciate your services!”- Patient’s daughter.



“I just wanted to report back how amazing all of (the) ambulance crew was the day they transported me to go into the ER.”- Patient, resident of Redondo Beach



“Just a brief note to say thank you for you and your firm’s assistance yesterday in transferring my mom. I’d like to express my appreciation for the professional demeanor and service of the two EMTs assigned to the transfer ambulance.”- Patient’s daughter



“I did not take the opportunity to thank your crew for the quick response to my 9-1-1 call and the excellent care they provided during my heart attack. I truly feel their actions were vital in my survival. There is not much else that I can say other than thank you very much.”- Patient, resident of Lomita


“I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the courtesy and efficiency of your crew.”-


“Thank you for the excellent service provided for my mother.”- Patient’s daughter



“Today is the first year anniversary of my heart attack. One year ago you rushed to my help. Thanks to your dedication and fast response I am still around and in great health. My family and I are forever grateful to you.”- Patient, resident of Calabasas



“I just wanted to say how very pleased and thankful for the tender caring treatment I did receive that horrific day… So I just wanted you all to be recognized for being so professional and caring at a time when I was in so much discomfort. McCormick’s the best!”- Patient,
resident of Lakewood

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