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“Working at McCormick has been and continues to be a great experience. They provide great stations and great equipment, the employees here are all great as well. I've been working here for around 2 1/2 years and have enjoyed every shift I've ever worked. ”


*Emilio Gaona, EMT.


“When I decided to join a 911 company, I shopped around. I checked out five separate companies providing 911 coverage in Los Angeles County.


I chose to work at McCormick because the experience you gain as an EMT with McCormick is unlike any other company out there. You can choose to have a low stress day on an IFT car, or a fast paced day on a 911 car. With the 911 coverage areas that McCormick serves, you will get an extensive variety of calls unlike any other company can provide. McCormick is also very well ran, and very well structured. The management team at McCormick is very experienced in the ambulance company business. All of the managers know what it’s like to be an EMT in the field, and can relate to how we feel, because they also started as EMTs in the field, and continue to work in the field with us side by side when needed. It is by far, one of the best companies out there. ”


*Christopher Curtis, EMT.


“I enjoy working for McCormick because they encourage and support their employees’ goals and ambitions to move forward in their career paths. Working for McCormick is not like working for a company, its like working with a team of your good friends. A place where they truly listen to their employees. ”


*Bryan Rusling, Paramedic.

Here you can fill out and submit an on-line application!

(Enter "Compton" in the search field on the following page)

and make sure you select a "Compton" location.

Although the McCormick Ambulance open positions are all listed under the Compton location, we do in fact have positions open in many different areas we serve. From the Ventura county line to Palos Verdes and many locations in between. Once hired, employees have the ability to work in many different locations.

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