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From The Chief Executive Officer

Dear McCormick Team Member:

I am writing to share exciting news with you. I am pleased to announce that McCormick Ambulance Service has finalized an agreement to merge with American Medical Response (AMR), the country’s leading provider of medical transportation services.

As you know, the healthcare industry has undergone remarkable change in recent years. Our goal has been to adapt our strategies and focus to ensure success for our employees, clients and patients. Joining AMR will allow us to do just that while also maintaining a strong commitment to our overall mission of providing safe, reliable and caring medical transportation to the citizens of Los Angeles, Torrance and other California regions.

As AMR’s partner, we will have access to the national resources and infrastructure support services hospitals and health systems demand. We will also keep our existing management structure and continue to operate as McCormick Ambulance Service.

What we have achieved together is nothing short of remarkable. We started providing emergency medical services in 1962 and quickly became one of Los Angeles leading providers. Then, in 1970, we became the first ambulance company to utilize certified paramedics. I believe we have now grown beyond our initial goal to become an essential and integral part of our communities’ healthcare systems and that we need a partner like AMR to continue that growth.

Next Steps

Most of you will wonder how your daily lives will change. In short, AMR wants to continue our tradition of supporting excellent care and service, and we will need your help in continuing to do so. In the near term, we will be collaborating with AMR’s leadership team to evaluate our processes and assess how they will best work together and how to grow our business.

AMR and McCormick Ambulance Service are both focused on delivering high-quality medical transportation solutions and developing new approaches for an evolving healthcare system. We are excited for what the future holds as we work together to provide services that meet the complex needs of our patients and clients.



Joe Chidley, CEO

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