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The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) was established to encourage and promote quality patient care in America's medical transportation system.

CAAS is an independent Commission that established a comprehensive series of standards for the ambulance service industry.


CAAS accreditation signifies that an ambulance service has met the "gold standard" determined by the ambulance industry to be essential in a modern emergency medical services provider. These standards often exceed those established by state or local regulation.  The CAAS standards are designed to increase operational efficiency and clinical quality, while decreasing risk and liability to the organization.


The process includes a comprehensive self-assessment and an independent external review of the EMS organization. This independent process provides verification to the Board of Directors, city council, medical community Fire Department and others that quality care is provided to the community.


McCormick Ambulance Service obtained initial accreditation in  2005. The desire to obtain CAAS accreditation was self-imposed based on the desire to ensure that the Company and Operation function at the highest level possible. As with all sections of the healthcare industry, new standards are consistently being developed from all areas of the Country. Where CAAS is a national organization, it allows its members immediate access and information to new developments and allows the Company to provide exceptional service based on local and national data. By meeting the “gold standard” McCormick Ambulance Service has demonstrated its commitment to providing the best possible service for the citizens and healthcare system partners it serves.



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