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Cameron Johnson, Eiden Weissblum

Lisa Harris, Supervisor

Doctor Brian Sloan called today (Harbor) to compliment 1702 (Cameron Johnson, Eiden Weissblum) for their ability to recognize the condition of their patient and take the proper steps to ensure their patient received the proper care. Pt was 20 weeks pregnant and experiencing lower left abdominal pain post TC, The crew reassessed the patient and felt it necessary to follow up by making base contact with Harbor they were instructed to bring the patient to Harbor for further eval. Pt met trauma criteria and base wanted the pt evaluated at their facility. Doctor Slone stated they made a great judgment call in contacting them for the sake of the patient. Dr. Slone stated the report given was exceptional and that he wanted us to know how great our crews are and the job we are doing with them and for them is exceptional and is very pleased with the knowledge and skill of the crews at McCormick.


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